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We are working with many international manufacturers as their sole agents to market and sell their products across North America. Whether it’s an online platform or bulk orders, Linkers Link specializes in  handling bulk orders through containers and air-shipments delivered as per customers satisfaction.

Since we are dealing directly with the Manufacturers, We can deliver you the best quality of the following items at competitive rates:


  • Fruit Pulp

We are the sole agents of one of the leading manufacturers in Asia with a modern state of the art plant imported from Spain and Italy.

The facility has a modern a capacity to crust 300 m/ton per day of Orange / Mandarin and 500 m/ton per day of Tropical Fruits and stored at the factory in chilled and frozen form, this plant is installed with evaporators to enhance aroma. The plant is producing high quality fruit pulp of the following fruits:

Frozen concentrate Kinnow (Mandarin) juice (FCKJ) is made by squeezing the farm fresh healthy & clean Kinnow (Mandarin) fruits directly from orchards. The squeezed Kinnow (Mandarin) juice is evaporated by heating to remove the water till the final concentration of 65.0 ̊ ± 0.5 Brix. Kinnow (Mandarin) Juice is rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants, which may promote skin health , slow the effects of skin aging, helps in healing the wounds, and prevents gum bleeding. Major use is in the production of juices and nectars. It is also  for the production of jams, Jellies, squashes. It can be repacked as sweetened or singlestrength juice in smaller consumer packs.

  • Aseptic Chaunsa Mango Pulp/Puree

We are the best in producing Mango Chaunsa pulp/puree in country. Mango Chaunsa is considered as most famous & premium variety of mangoes which is mostly used as table fruit in Pakistan. It is manufactured from natural, fresh Chuansa mango fruits. The main attribute of this product is its high Brix in single strength which is minimum brix 19 ̊ and maximum brix 24 ̊. The brix is a big advantage and its fruit characteristics, aroma and excellent flavor are main advantages. This product also gives a rich taste to the finish product like juices, nectars & blends.

  • Aseptic Desi Mango Pulp/Puree

We are capable to produce & export best quality desi Mango pulp/puree in Pakistan. It is prepared by processing the multiple varieties of Mangoes. Basically, this product is prepared by mixing of different mango verities by processing them together and the range of brix between 14 ̊-18 ̊. The taste of this product is unbeatable. This product gives a rich taste to the finish product like juices, nectars & blends.

  • Aseptic Desi Mango Concentrate

Aseptic Desi Mango Concentrate produced by passing the Mango pulp into the evaporator and folds the single strength brix is 28 ̊. It is widely used in the food and beverage industry. It is prepared from a variety of Mangoes which are ripened under controlled conditions. Major uses of Mango desi concentrate are into juices, nectars, drinks, jams and many other beverages. Mango Concentrate is an important ingredient in puddings, bakery fillings, ice creams, Mango shakes, Mango lassi, yoghurt and confectionary.

  • Aseptic Steawberry Puree

Strawberry puree is basically produced by extracting fine quality, mature, fresh & clean strawberry fruits. These fruits are manually picked from the orchards in Pakistan. Strawberry is famous due to its good health benefits like sodium free, low fat, low calorie. It lowers the cholesterol level, reduces blood pressure & guards against the cancer, the brix is between 7 ̊ – 9. ̊Strawberry puree is used in the production of juices ice creams, toppings, bakery products, jams, Jellies and flavored yoghurt

  • Aseptic Peach Puree

Aseptic peach puree is prepared by de-stoning of mature, fresh & clean handpicked peach fruits from the beautiful northern areas of Pakistan i.e., Sawat. This product has natural brix between 8 ̊ – 11 ̊ in single strength. It is packed in premium quality food grade material aseptic bag. This product is famous due to its unique taste & mostly used Peach Puree & Peach Paste is mostly used Fruit Snacks, Confectionaries, Fruit Drinks, Nectars, Squashes, Jams and Jellies.

  • Aseptic Peach Concentrate

Aseptic Peach concentrate is prepared by destoning the farm fresh, healthy & clean peach fruit and evaporated from its natural brix 8 ̊ – 11 ̊till the final concentration of 32 ̊ Brix. It is packed in premium quality food grade material aseptic bag. This product is famous due to its unique taste & mostly used in Confectionaries, Fruit Drink, Nectars, Squashes, Jams and Jellies.

  • Aseptic Tomato Paste

It is a thick and smooth product that only contains mature, clean & hand-picked tomatoes as its only ingredient. It acts as a major ingredient in most of the recipes. Tomato paste provides nutrition, vitamins, minerals and lycopene, a phytochemical making it a healthy addition to recipes and the final brix is 28 ̊-30 ̊. It is produced by simmering fresh tomatoes until they begin to break apart. Then they’re strained to remove the skin and seeds, and processed until their moisture evaporates and they become a thick paste.

  • Aseptic Guava Puree

It is the extract of manually harvested, mature, clean and ripe white guavas. Creamy white puree is packed into good quality food grade aseptic bags after sterilization. Quality standards are followed strictly at every stage of processing so that customers get premium quality white guava puree with the range between 8 ̊ – 11 ̊. The sweet taste and vitamin “C” in white guava puree is ideal for use in the foods processing industry for making products like juices, fruit drinks, James & jellies etc.

  • Aseptic Falsa Puree

Aseptic Falsa puree is prepared from the farm fresh mature, healthy, clean & handpicked falsa fruits. Due to its unique characters in human health is most popular all over the world. It has many health benefits like, regulates electrolyte imbalance, has natural cooling effect, remedies hypertension, & effectively manages malaria and the brix is between 10 ̊ – 12 ̊. It is mostly used in juices & drinks.

  • Aseptic Apple Pulp Puree

Apple puree is prepared by crushing the mature, fresh & clean apples of the lush orchards in Pakistan. After heat treatment it is packed aseptically in controlled environment in hygienic way. Brix of apple puree ranges from 17 ̊- 32 ̊. Major uses of apple puree are juices, smoothies, baked goods and other food and beverage products. Due to its unique natural taste & sweetness many good qualities finish products like juices & other associated products are prepared.

  • Aseptic Apple Juice Concentrate (AJC)

Apple Juice Concentrate (AJC) is made from mature apples & packed aseptically in hygienic environment. By nature, apples are good source of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, minerals. Apples have numerous health benefits like fever reducing, calming & most important is anti-aging effect. The minimum brix of apple juice concentrate is 70 ̊. It is mostly used in juices, soft drinks, fruit drinks, smoothies, yogurt and yogurt desserts, baked goods, and baby foods


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